Bitcoin Checkout

Bitcoin Checkout

Due to the ever-changing world of kratom commerce we are now accepting Bitcoin in order to avoid traditional payment processors that ban kratom due to pressure from the DEA. Bitcoin is a digital currency used for payments on the internet.

If you do not use Bitcoin you can send us an email and we will email you a discreet invoice you can pay with your debit card. Your order will go out at the same normal time that day.

Help with Bitcoin:

1. Set up a Bitcoin account. Coinbase is the most user-friendly Bitcoin exchange:

2. Purchase Bitcoin immediately for 3.75% with your debit card:

3. Checkout like normal and select "Bitcoin"

4. If you choose not to use Bitcoin you can still Checkout by sending us an email to the and we will send you a private invoice you can pay with your debit card the way we have been doing

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